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Lake Manyara National Park - Wildebeest Travels


Possibly the most diverse country Kenya is considered to be the centre of East Africa. It has numerous game reserves, huge numbers of animals and birds, mountains, rivers and beaches. The jewel in Kenya’s crown is the stunning Masai Mara which has been voted as one of the ‘Seven Natural Wonders of the World’. With around 50 tribes it is culturally diverse and promises to win a place in your heart. There are loads of fun activities to do and things to keep you busy, or you can just relax on one of Kenya’s beautiful white sandy beaches.

Lake Manyara National Park

Highlights: Tree-climbing lions, flamingos and other bird life, beautiful scenery

Only 130km West of Arusha, Lake Manyara offers 325sq km of beauty and diverse terrain, including open grasslands, forests and the dominant red western rift escarpment that provides a stunning backdrop to the lake itself. In Manyara you can see elephants, hippo, giraffe, buffalo, zebra, baboon, gazelle and not to forget the amazing tree climbing lions. The lake attracts migratory flamingos and around 300 different species of birds.

Lake Manyara is a shallow, freshwater lake and covers two-thirds of the National Park.
  • Countries: Tanzania
  • Location: 130km west of Arusha, Tanzania
  • Area: 325 sq km
  • Animals: Leopard, buffalo, giraffe, zebra, hyena, wildebeest, impala, gazelle, eland, waterbuck, dik dik, steinbuck, klipspringer, warthog, baboon, jackal, mongoose.
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