Special Interests

Help to make your special moments unforgettable. It is possible to host any special event in East Africa - whether a wedding, honeymoon, anniversay or birthday. Safaris and exotic beach locations are what dreams are made of, so why not combine these with one of your life’s memorable occassions.


Add some adventure to your safari and include activities like cycling amongst plains game, white water rafting, mountain climbing and hot air ballooning on your safari.

East Africa is a premium destination for all kinds of adventure activities. Some of these are stand alone activities, and others will be part of a larger safari. We can hlep you include all of the activities that you want to do.

For the more intrepid traveller, a cycling safari is a great experience and an ideal way to see wildlife, experience the landscape and to interact with local communities. Much of the cycling is off-road, so the terrain can be challenging, the days warm and the journey fun. It is possible to combine cycling with driving and sometimes walking as well, as it is not possible to cycle to/in all destination. It is possible to cycle in some of the private conservancies, community land and in the open bush.

Whether you are interested in some gentle walks, challenging one-day treks, or tackling one of the world’s highest peaks, East Africa has a wide range of walking and trekking safaris to suit all abilities. If you are keen to spot wildlife while on foot, there are a number of conservancy areas where you can experience the thrill of seeing all creatures great and small. If you want to walk in the greater Masai Mara area, you can also stay with a Maasai family and spend time with Maasai Warriors learning about the life of this traditional and colourful tribe.
Kenya’s northern frontier is a great destination for camel walking safaris, and Uganda’s Rwenzori Mountain range is simply spectacular. Uganda and Rwanda both offer gorilla and monkey treks, and Kenya and Tanzania have treks up volcanoes (both dormant and active). But if you are serious about trekking, then your interest would be in an assault on either of Africa’s highest (Mt Kilimnajaro) or second highest (Mt Kenya) summits. Search through our safari itineraries to find an option to suit you.

A throwback to the colonial years, East Africa has a very active equestrian community, and horses are a great way to explore wilderness areas. Whether just for a few hours or multi-day rides, riding through herds of game is an ideal way to experience the wild up close and personal.

Looking for a more unusual mode of transport? The North of Kenya has a thriving camel culture, and these hardy beasts are used by many nomadic tribes. These deserts and wide arid plains have long been crossed by camel trains, following ancient routes through deep valleys and along winding dry river beds. Large herds of dromedary (single humped) camels are found throughout the North. There are a number of options for camel safaris where you can walk with Samburu Warriors and the camel train carries all of the equipment for your bush adventure. 

The deep waters of the Indian Ocean are an adventurer’s playground. The coast of Kenya has a well-deserved reputation for big game fishing and has attracted fishing devotees such as Ernest Hemingway, drawn by the promise of world-class fishing. Local tag and release programs ensure eco-friendly fishing.

The beautiful coastline of East Africa is an ideal destination for water sports. The stunning white beaches are ideal for all kinds of water sports. Including scuba diving, boating, water-skiing, kite surfing and windsurfing.

White water rafting and kayaking possible on the Tana River in the Mt Kenya region. The rapids are graded up to level 5, and it is possible to either do a day trip from Nairobi or multi-day adventure, camping overnight.

From Nairobi, there are one and two hour helicopter rides flying out over the Great Rift Valley, and for longer rides, down over Lake Magadi, or north to Lake Naivasha and Elementaitia.  

While on safari, add the once in a life-time experience of gliding silently over the savannah, with the possibility of spotting wild game from the air. It is truly a spectacular experience during the migration season.

Possibly the ultimate wildlife experience available, trekking the endangered mountain gorilla in Uganda or Rwanda will be the most unforgettable activity you could include on your African safari.
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